Monday, July 28, 2008


The last weekend of July was a profitable one for Jay Bonin. The veteran IM tied for first in both the Saturday G/60 and the Sunday Action tournaments at the Marshall Chess Club, taking home a total of $157.67 for his efforts.

On Saturday, Bonin and FM Ilye Figler took a short draw to tie for first with GM Michael Rohde, who won his last three games after starting with a bye. The Sunday G/30 was a very strong event, with 9 masters (five rated over 2200 and four other NMs) in the lists. GM Rohde made it to the first round this time, but was knocked off by Vladimir Polyakin in the first round and by Bonin in the third. Bonin was nicked for a draw by Kassa Korley at the start, but yielded only a draw to co-winner Yefim Treger in the fourth round and beat Sam Barsky at the end to seal the deal.

FM Figler had the misfortune to play his former student, newly minted FM Alec Getz in the last round on Sunday; they tied for third by drawing. Barsky's 3.5/5 was good for the Under 2200 prize, while visiting Marylander John Sprague was the only player under 2000 to make 3 points.

26 entered on Saturday, 18 on Sunday.

(tournament report by Nick Conticello, Chief TD)

Click to show the crosstable of the Saturday G/60

Click to show the crosstable of the Sunday G/30

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