Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Games From the Marshall Championship

Steve Immitt kindly sent along a collection of 80 of the games from the Edward Lasker Memorial and 92nd Marshall Chess Club Championship. So here they are for your enjoyment.

Later, I'll do some cleaning up of the games--some have shortened ICC version of the player names, and so on--but I'm really glad to have them here now. Thanks, Steve!

Kalikshteyn Wins October 23 "Four Rated Games Tonight"

On Thursday October 23rd, FM Alex Kalikshteyn made a return from a three-year hiatus to win the "4 Rated Games Tonight!" action tournament with 3 1/2 points (his previous event was the August 18th, 2005 edition of the "4 Rated Games Tonight!" tournament, where he also tied for 1st).

IM Justin Sarkar, NM Oliver Chernin and NM Leif Pressman tied for 2nd-4th with 3 points, winning $40 each, except for Pressman who won the $50 Under 2200 prize.

Bora Yagiz won the $45 Under 2000 prize with 2 1/2 points, thereby also qualifying to enter the next monthly St. John's Masters tournament on November 18th.

Full results are on the Chess Center of New York website, and on the USCF website.

(report by TD Steve Immitt)

Monday Night Under-1600 Begins

The new edition of the Marshall Monday Night Under-1600 Swiss began on October 27. Fourteen players produced 7 decisive results in the first round.

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There's still time to enter--register by 6:45 PM on Monday November 3 to play one game per week at 7:00 PM.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Izoria and Kacheishvili Win Marshall Championship

The Georgians marched through the Edward Lasker Memorial Marshall Chess Club Championship. Grandmasters Zviad Izoria and GM Giorgi Kacheishvili each scored an undefeated 7 1/2 out of 9 to share first place in the tournament, which ended on Sunday October 26.

Third place went to Paul Szuper with 6 points--an outstanding result for a player rated only 2192 on the wallchart. A knot of four players tied for third with 5 1/2: International Masters Justin Sarkar, Alex Lenderman, and Jay Bonin, along with FM Ilye Figler (who won the Under-2400 prize money).

The under-2300 and under-2200 prizes were shared by Kassa Korley, IM Renato Naranja, Raven Sturt, and Benjamin Katz with 5 points.

Steve Immitt directed the 34-player field with his usual aplomb and efficiency.

The complete crosstable with prize payouts is available on the Marshall website, and the USCF has the official results with rating changes.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thursday Night Members-Only Open Starts

The Marshall Thursday Night Members-Only Open got started on October 23 (Thursday, dontcha know?) with eight players. There's plenty of room! Any Marshall Member can enter; register by 6:45 PM next Thursday, and play one nice slow game each week.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Return of the Rapids!

The Friday Night Rapids returned after a two-week break for the Marshall Amateur and Championship. Things went immediately back to normal as FM Zhe Quan won with 7 1/2 out of 8, giving up only a draw to FM Asa Hoffman. James Souce was second with 5 1/2.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wednesday Night Under-2000 Kicks Off

The latest edition of the Marshall's Wednesday Night Under-2000 Swiss kicked off on October 22 with 18 competitors.

Entry to the tournament is still open, so if you're rated under 2000 and would like to play a little serious slow chess, you can enter next Wednesday, Oct. 29, by 6:45 PM.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Double Cross

Last Thursday, playing White in a last-round game against the leader of the Marshall's Members-Only Swiss, IM Renato Naranja reached the position on the left. Naranja says he greatly enjoyed having the chance to use a certain tactic he'd never used before. What's the best move?

Three days later, Naranja had the position on the right in his Marshall Championship game, White against Alex Getz, and--let's let him tell it: "the earlier game with Berg must have sensitized my chess eye to the pattern, since, in my game with Getz, I saw it coming a mile away and deliberately played for the 'trap'." Well, Black clearly would love to advance on the Kingside--but what is Naranja baiting his hook for?

For the answers, check out the games:

We'll leave IM Naranja with the last words: "As for diagonals, I don't have the fine feeling for knights in the melee that for instance Jay Bonin has, so I rely mostly on the prelates to slide in on the bias. Sometimes chess can be FUN!"

Games From The St. John's Masters

Steve Immitt was kind enough to send the game scores for each round's top-board game from the October St. John's Masters, and so we present them for your viewing pleasure:

Marshall Championship--Round 6 Unofficial Pairings

The pairings for Round 6 of the Edward Lasker Memorial and 92nd Championship of the Marshall Chess Club, have been posted on the Marshall website. Competitors may now fire up their databases, but should be aware that these parings may change (for example if someone drops out).

The games begin on Saturday October 25 at 11:00 AM. Spectators welcome!

Sarkar and Lenderman Win St. John's Masters

IM Justin Sarkar and IM Alex Lenderman scored 3 1/2 out of 4 to win the October 21st St. John's Masters at the Marshall Chess Club. Each won $250.

A half-point behind GM Giorgi Kacheishvili and Yevgeni Margulis split third prize ($80 each). FM Asa Hoffman won the $30 Under-2400 prize with 2 1/2, and WIM Shernaz Kennedy won the $30 prize for biggest upset for her third-round victory over Michael Hehir (a 183-point upset).

Many thanks, as always, to our sponsor, St. John's University; our other individual patrons; the tournament organizer, Dr. Frank Brady; Tournament Director Steve Immitt; Assistant TDs Ed Frumkin and Glenn Statille; and to ICC for broadcasting the Board One games live each round!

The complete crosstable is available on the USCF website

Next month's St. John's Masters tournament is once again on the third Tuesday of the month of November: November 18th at 7:00 pm. Register before 6:45 pm. Games are once again slated for live broadcast on ICC each round.

The tournament is open to players rated over 2100. Players rated Under 2100 are also eligible to qualify to enter the November 18th St. John's Masters, by scoring 2.5 or more in any of the next four "4 Rated Games Tonight" Thursday Night Action tournaments through November 13th.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fortunato and Black Win Under-1600

Joseph Fortunato and James Black tied for first in the Marshall Monday Night Under-1600 Swiss with 4-1 scores. They each won $100. A half-point behind the leaders, third place was split between Guy Rawlins, Renata Kelly, and Iqbal Chaklader
(who won $17.67 each), and Douglas Hare (who collected the $63 under-1300 prize).

The next Under-1600 begins on October 27. Entry is open to all players rated below 1600 or unrated, and registration ends at 6:45 PM. One game is played every Monday at 30 moves in 90 minutes followed by one hour sudden death.

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Marshall Championship First Half Results

After 5 rounds, Georgian Grandmasters Zviad Izoria and Giorgi Kacheishvili lead the Marshall Chess Club Championship / Edward Lasker Memorial with 41/2 points. IM Renato Naranja is close behind with 4;
IM Justin Sarkar and GM Michael Rohde are at 31/2 to round out the top 5 of the 34-player field.

Round 6 is at 11:00 AM on Saturday October 25. Pairings may be posted in advance--watch this space.

The complete current standings are available on the Marshall website.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Figler Wins "Four Rated Games Tonight"

FM Ilye Figler scored 3 1/2 points to finish clear first in the October 16 edition of the Chess Center of New York's long-running "Four Rated Games Tonight" tournament series.

Right behind Figler was a big pile-up at 3 points: GM Michael Rohde, IM Justin Sarkar, IM Jay Bonin, and NM Kassa Korley collected $30 each, while Evan Rabin and Edward Scher picked up $72 for the Under-2200 prize.

Steve Immitt directed 27 players (plus an extra bonus re-entrant). The full results are available from the USCF website.

Five-Way Tie In Thursday Night Members' Open

IM Renato Naranja defeated George Berg in the final round of the Marshall Thursday Night Members' Open, resulting in a five-way tie for first place. Joining Naranja and Berg at the top were NM Brian Hulse, NM Ed Gaillard, and Marian Waxman. All scored 3 1/2 and won $42.

The next Thursday Night tournament begins October 23; registration ends at 6:45 PM. Entry is open to all Marshall members and costs $20. One round is played every Thursday at 7 PM at a time limit of 30/90, SD/60. Come join the fun!

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Final Round Bloodbath In Wednesday Under-2000

Eight of the ten games were decisive in the final round of the Wednesday Night Under-2000 Swiss at the Marshall, and White won all eight. When the dust cleared, Richard Murphy, Sabrij Mehmedovic, Harik Subramanian were on top of the field with with 4-1 scores. Each collected $100 in prize money for the victory.

Linda Diaz and Joel Sneed split the under-1800 prize ($37.50 each) with 2 1/2.

The next Under-2000 begins on October 22. Entry is open to all players rated below 2000; please register before 6:45 PM. One round is played every Wednesday at 7 PM, and the time control is 30 moves in 90 minutes, followed by one hour sudden death.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rawlins Moves Into Lead in Under-1600

Guy Rawlins defeated James Black. who had the last remaining perfect score, to take the lead in the Monday Under-1600 at the Marshall Chess Club. Black is joined by Joseph Fortunato, Tyler Schwartz, and Alejandro Beasley in a tie for second place with 3 points, a half-point behind Rawlins.

The final round will be played on Monday October 20 at 7PM. The next Under-1600 tournament will begin on October 27.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sarkar Wins Match With Lenderman

IM Justin Sarkar completed a 3 1/2-1/2 victory in his match with IM Alex Lenderman at the Marshall Chess Club. The final two games were played on Sunday, October 12; Sarkar, who had won the first two games of the match (on Friday and Saturday), also won the third game. The final game was a quick draw.

Margulis, Szuper Are Marshall Amateur Champions

NM Yevgeny Margulis and expert Paul Szuper tied for first place in the Jerry Simon Memorial Marshall Chess Club Amateur Championship, each scoring 4 1/2 out of 5.

All 15 players with plus scores qualified for the Marshall Championship (Edward Lasker Memorial), which beings on Friday evening.

The complete scoretable is available from the USCF website.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Margulis, Szuper, Berg Lead Marshall Amamteur Championship

Paul Szuper, George Berg, and NM Yevgeni Margulis lead the Jerry Simon Memorial (Marshall Amateur Championship) with perfect scores after three rounds. Following close behind is Jennie Liu at 2 1/2, and then a large group at 2-1.

Two rounds remain to be played on Sunday. The top ten players with plus scores earn the right to enter the Marshall Championship, which begins Friday October 17.

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Sarkar Leads Lenderman 2-0

IM Justin Sarker defeated IM Alex Lenderman in 37 moves in Game 2 of their match on Saturday afternoon (October 11). Sarkar leads the series two games to none.

Sarkar Wins First Match Game Against Lenderman

Game 1 of the Sarkar-Lenderman match ended in a 22-move victory for IM Justin Sarkar.

Game 2 will be on Saturday at noon.

Jerry Simon Memorial Under Way

The Jerry Simon Memorial Marshall Amateur Championship began on Friday October 10 with 19 competitors. The top ten will qualify to enter the Marshall Championship--if they have plus scores.

Entry is still open to all players rated below 2200. A 2-day schedule is available---register before 9:45am to play round 1 at Game/45. Or you can enter by 11:45 AM for round 2 with a half-point bye.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Four-Way Tie in Four Rated Games

The Thursday, October 9 instance of the Chess Center of New York's long-running "Four Rated Games Tonight" series wound up in a four-way tie for first between GM Michael Rohde, IMs Alex Lenderman and Jay Bonin, and NM Adam Maltese, all with 3 1/2 points. The quartet earned $85 each.

NM Yevgeni Margulis shared the under-2200 prize with Jose Villar ($54 each), and Scot Mc Elheny won the $96 under-2000 prize. All scored 3 points.

Andre Harding directed the 35 players (plus two re-entries), and the crosstable is available on the USCF website.

Lenderman-Sarkar Match This Weekend

Join us October 10th – 12th

The Marshall Chess Club

23 West 10th
Street, New York, NY

For a very exciting event:

Lenderman – Sarkar Match

A match of 4 Games of G/90 to be staged at the Marshall Chess Club!

IM Justin SarkarIM Alex Lenderman
USCF 2516USCF 2515

As one can see by their ratings, this should be an extremely close duel between two strong American IMs and future Grandmasters.

Game 1: Friday
October 10th 2008 - 6PM

Game 2 and 3: Saturday
October 11th 2008 - 12 noon & 6PM

Game 4: Sunday
October 12th 2008 - 12 noon

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Rachlin Takes Over Lead in Wednesday Under-2000

Paul Rachlin won his fourth-round game to move into sole possession of first place in the Wednesday Under-2000 with 3 1/2 points. The final round will be played next Wednesday, October 15 at 7 PM.

The next Wednesday Under-2000 tournament begins October 22, and is open to all players rated below 2000. The tournament is one game per week, starting at 7 PM, and played at 30 moves in 90 minutes followed by one hour sudden death.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Leve Wins New York Experts

Nitai Leve, a young and increasingly tough opponent, took clear first in the October New York Experts. Leve defeated NMs Yevgeni Margulis and Vladimir Polyakin along with expert Evan Rabin en route to a 3 1/2-1/2 score.

As usual, this event was packed with strong players--only one participant was rated below 2000. The next New York Experts will be on November 4 at 7 PM (please register by 6:45).

(report by Tournament Director Leif Pressman)

#NameRtngPostRd 1Rd 2Rd 3Rd 4TotPrize
1Nitai D Leve20702099W5W4W2D3 3.542.00
2Evan Z Rabin21472153W7W3L1W4 3.024.00
3Igor Dayen20892088W6L2W7D1 2.518.00
4Yevgeni Margulis21732162H---L1W5L2 1.5
5Vladimir Polyakin21102086L1L6L4W7 1.0
6Dorothy Teasley20002004L3W5U---U--- 1.0
7Henry Mori11221121L2B---L3L5 1.021.00

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Black Goes First In Under-1600

James Black won his third-round game to go 3-0 and gain sole possession of first place in the Monday Night Under-1600 at the Marshall Chess Club.

Black beat Renata Kelly, who was the only other remaining perfect score, and is now a half-point ahead of second-place Guy Rawlins. The next round is Monday October 13 at 7 PM.

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Monday, October 6, 2008

Busy Weekend at the Marshall

October 4-5 was a busy weekend at the Marshall Chess Club, featuring four different tournaments.

Ricardo Perez Billinghurst won the two-day, four-round New York October Under-2300 with a perfect score, worth $204. FM Boris Privman took sole second place (and $136), a half-point behind. Because the tournament had a whopping 45 entries, all the prizes were much higher than advertised (there's a phrase you don't see very often).

Tied for third with 3 points were NMs Yefim Treger, Pieter Bierkens, and Vladimir Polyakin, along with expert George Berg and 1733-rated Julian Smyth. Each collected $17, except Smyth who pocketed the $129 Under-2000 money.

Jacob Kelly, Jacob Spitzer, and Rachel Gologorsky split the under-1800 money ($39 each).

The whole crosstable is available from the USCF website.

Saturday also featured the October Under 1600, a four-round Game/50 event, won by Ziping Liu and Aravind Kumar with 3 1/2. The two garnered $110 each for teh victory.

A half point behind were Harrison Termotto (who collected the $30 third-place money) and Chelsea Booth (who got the $50 under-1300 prize).

Twenty players competed, and you can see the crosstable on the USCF website.

Saturday night, IM Justin Sarkar scored 3-0 in Prove Your Point (worth $40), and
NM Yefim Treger was second with 2-1 for a $10 payoff. The crosstable for this game/30 event is available in the usual spot.

On Sunday night, IM Jay Bonin closed things out with a win in the Sliding Scale Quad (game/30). Jay scored 2 1/2 and collected the $74 prize; as you might guess, there's a crosstable for this one too.

All these Chess Center of New York tournaments were directed by the hardest-working man in show business, Steve Immitt.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Zhe Quan Wins Rapids Again

FM Zhe Quan won the Friday night rapids with a 9-1 score. NM Yefim Treger was second, a half-point behind. The tournament was a 6-player double round-robin.

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Friday, October 3, 2008

Adamski, Chernin Win "Original Four Rated Games Tonight"

IM Andrzej Adamski and NM Oliver Chernin each scored 3 1/2 points to share first prize in the October 3 installment of the Chess Center of New York's "Four Rated Games Tonight". They were rewarded with $102 apiece.

Tied for third with 3 points were FM Ilye Figler, NM Yefim Treger, and NM Vladimir Polyakin. Figler and Treger each picked up $21, while Polyakin got $77 in Under-2200 money.

Top players under 2000 were Scot Mc Elheny and Bora Yagiz, whose 2 points were good for $35.

The 27-player G/30 event was directed by Steve Immitt. The crosstable is available from the USCF website.

Berg Clinches Thursday Members' Open

George Berg clinched at least a tie for first in the Marshall's Thursday Night Members' Open. Berg won his fourth-round game against Andrew Hellenschmidt to boost his score to 3 1/2, a full point ahead of Hellenschmidt, NM Brian Hulse, IM Renato Naranja, NM Ed Gaillard, Dorothy Teasley, and Marian Waxman.

There is no round next Thursday--the final round of the tournament will be played on October 16.

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Nobody's Perfect In Wednesday Under-2000

Draws on the top boards left a knot of five players tied for first place after three rounds of the Wednesday Night Under-2000.

Richard Murphy won his third-round game to join Bora Yagiz, Anatoly Treger, Paul Rachlin, and Mark Sinz at 2 1/2.

The next round is on October 8 at 7 PM.

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