Saturday, March 21, 2009

Treger, Farber, Aoufa Lead FIDE Thursdays

After four rounds of the first Marshall Chess Club FIDE Thursdays tournament, NM Yefim Treger, Nelson Farber, and Mohamed Aoufa are tied for first place with 3 points each. The exciting conclusion comes next Thursday, March 26.

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Wednesday Under-2000 Begins

The new edition of the Marshall Wednesday Night Under-2000 got underway on March 18 with a field of 20 players. You can still enter the tournament--register by 6:45 PM Wednesday to play one slow game each week.

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Lenderman and Rohde Top St. John's Masters

IM Alex Lenderman and GM Michael Rohde won the March 17th edition of tthe h St. John's Masters with 3.5 out of 4. Each won $300 for topping the 26-player field.

GM Nick De Firmian and NM Yaacov Norowitz tied for second place ($110) with 3-2 scores. The Under-2300 class money was shared out among NM Richard Shtivelband, NM Kassa Korley, NM Leif Pressman, Zakhar Khilkevich, Mikhail Sher, and Aaron Landesman, all with 2 points. Khilkevich also picked up the $50 upset prize for his first-round draw with Lenderman.

Steve Immitt directed. The full results are available from the USCF website.

McCormack Wins Monday Under-1600

Edward McCormack topped a field of 26 in the Monday Under-1600 which concluded on March 16th. McCormack won all his games after a first-round draw en route to winning the $156 first prize.

Alex Genadinik took clear second with 4-1, worth $91. Guy Rawlins won the third-prize money ($65) and Ean Fonseca won $78 as top player rated under 1300; both scored 3.5.

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Four Tie in Sunday Game/30

IM Jay Bonin, NM Leif Pressman, Steadroy Lloyd and Gary Patella tied for first in the Sunday Game/30 on March 15. The quartet topped the 26-player field with 4-1 scores. The USCF website has the full results.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Four Tie In Saturday Game/60

Ben Gershenov, IM Justin Sarkar, IM Jay Bomin, and FM Asa Hoffman tied for first place in the Marshall Saturday G/60 on March 14. All four scored 3.5 out of 4 and won $92.50 for topping the 37-player field.

Souvik Roychoudhury won the Under-2000 prize ($93) with 3 points. Dario Dell'orto, Lilia Poteat, Omar Khan, Alexander Kamen, Reva Shree Singh, Savvas Zafeiropoulos, and Jason Yung split the under-1700 class prizes ($13.29 each).

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Zhe Quan Wins Rapids

The Friday Night Rapids on March 13th was a 6 player double round robin tournament. FM Zhe Quan won the tournament with a 9-1 score, losing only one game to second place finisher NM Leif Pressman (7-10). FM Asa Hoffmann and NM Larry Tamarkin shared third with 4-6 scores.

Farber and Santanna Lead FIDE Thursdays

Nelson Farber and Paulo Santanna drew their game on March 12 and jointly maintain the lead after three rounds of teh Marshall FIDE Thursdays.

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Moore Wins Under-2000

Dennis Moore wrapped up sole first place the Wednesday Under-2000 with a final round draw on March 11, worth $156. Boris Berkun, Vladimir Gramagin, and Michael Gutierrez tied for second with 4-1 ($62 each), and James Black was top under-1700 with 3 points ($78).

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monday Under-1600, March 9

Edward McCormack moved into the lead in the Marshall Monday Night Under-1600 on March 9 with 3.5 out of 4. The final round is next Monday, March 16.

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Marshall March Grand Prix.

The Marshall CC March Grand Prix was held on March 7-8. IMs Justin Sarkar and Jay Bonin topped the 32-palyer field with 3.5 out of 4.

The full results are available from the USCF website.

Fischer Symposium

The First International Symposium on Bobby Fischer was held at the Marshall Chess Club on March 6-7.

Polly Peterson Has an extensive report on the symposium on her blog, divided into two parts, for the first day and the second day. She also has a photo gallery from the event.

Friday Rapids, March 6

FM Zhe Quan took down the 10-man field with a perfect score in the Friday Night Rapids on March 6. FM Asa Hoffmann finished in 2nd place, losing only the one game to Quan.

Rohde Winds "Four Rated Games Tonight"

GM Michael Rohde won teh Chess Center of New York's "Original Four Rated Games Tonight" on Thursday MArch 5, giving up only a last-round draw to IM Jay Bonin.

The crosstable is available at the USCF website.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

FIDE Thursday, March 5

Paulo Santanna, Nelson Farber, and NM Ed Frumkin lead the FIDE Thursdays tournament with perfect scores after the second round on March 5th.

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Wednesday Under-2000, March 4

Dennis Moore won again to keep a perfect score after the fourth round of the Marshall Wednesday Under-2000 on March 4. Moore leads the field by a full point going into next week's final round.

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NY Experts, March 3

Zakhar Khilkevich won the NY Experts G/30 tournament with a perfect 4-0 score on Tuesday, March 3.

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Monday Under-1600, March 2

James Hamilton lead the Monday Under-1600 with a perfect score after three rounds.

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Grandmaster Challange

GM Leonid Yudasin won the Grandmaster Challenge on Sunday, March 1.

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Hi. I've been overwhelmed with work the past couple of weeks and have fallen way behind on posts for this blog. I'm sorry about that, but life happens.

Today I'm going to do very brief posts on all the news I've missed, to get the blog up-to-date. I'll try to fill in details about the events later while keeping current with new events.

Again, sorry for the delays.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Sarkar and Bonin Win Saturday G/60

International Masters Justin Sarkar and Jay Bonin scored 3.5 out of 4 to tie for first in the Marshall Saturday Game/60 on February 28. Souv Roychoudhury and Eve Litvak tied for third with GM SERGEY KUDRIN at 3-1. Leif Pressamn directed the 31-player field.

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Hoffman Wins Rapids

FM Asa Hoffmann won the Friday Night Rapids with an undefeated 5.5-0.5 score. NM Larry Tamarkin took 2nd place with 3.5.

Kacheishvili and Rohde Win "Four Rated Games Tonight"

GM Giorgi Kacheishvili and GM Michael Rohde scored 3.5 points each to win the Thursday February 26 edition of the Chess Center of New York's long-running "Four Rated Games Tonight". The pair received $84 each for topping the 25-player field.

At three points were GM Sergey Kudrin (who won $33), along with Joshua Colas , Justus Williams, and Gabor Schnitzler, who picked up $40 in class prize money.

The complete crosstable is available from the USCF website.

FIDE Thursday Begins

The Marshall Chess Club's new FIDE Thursday Night tournament began on February 26 with a 14-player field. There's still plenty of time to enter--players rated over 1600 can register by 6:45 PM on Thursday to play one slow time-control game per week. The games will be rated by both USCF and FIDE.

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Three Still Perfect in Wednesday Under-2000

Dennis Moore, Boris Berkun, and Anatoly Treger all won their games on February 25's thrird round of the Marshall Wednesday Under-2000. The trio their records to 3-0 and lead the field by a full point.

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Aoufa, West Top Victory Under-1800

Mohamed Aoufa and Desmoine West each scored 3-1 to tie for first in the Marshall Victory Under-1800 tournament on Tuesday, February 24.

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