Monday, October 6, 2008

Busy Weekend at the Marshall

October 4-5 was a busy weekend at the Marshall Chess Club, featuring four different tournaments.

Ricardo Perez Billinghurst won the two-day, four-round New York October Under-2300 with a perfect score, worth $204. FM Boris Privman took sole second place (and $136), a half-point behind. Because the tournament had a whopping 45 entries, all the prizes were much higher than advertised (there's a phrase you don't see very often).

Tied for third with 3 points were NMs Yefim Treger, Pieter Bierkens, and Vladimir Polyakin, along with expert George Berg and 1733-rated Julian Smyth. Each collected $17, except Smyth who pocketed the $129 Under-2000 money.

Jacob Kelly, Jacob Spitzer, and Rachel Gologorsky split the under-1800 money ($39 each).

The whole crosstable is available from the USCF website.

Saturday also featured the October Under 1600, a four-round Game/50 event, won by Ziping Liu and Aravind Kumar with 3 1/2. The two garnered $110 each for teh victory.

A half point behind were Harrison Termotto (who collected the $30 third-place money) and Chelsea Booth (who got the $50 under-1300 prize).

Twenty players competed, and you can see the crosstable on the USCF website.

Saturday night, IM Justin Sarkar scored 3-0 in Prove Your Point (worth $40), and
NM Yefim Treger was second with 2-1 for a $10 payoff. The crosstable for this game/30 event is available in the usual spot.

On Sunday night, IM Jay Bonin closed things out with a win in the Sliding Scale Quad (game/30). Jay scored 2 1/2 and collected the $74 prize; as you might guess, there's a crosstable for this one too.

All these Chess Center of New York tournaments were directed by the hardest-working man in show business, Steve Immitt.

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