Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Double Cross

Last Thursday, playing White in a last-round game against the leader of the Marshall's Members-Only Swiss, IM Renato Naranja reached the position on the left. Naranja says he greatly enjoyed having the chance to use a certain tactic he'd never used before. What's the best move?

Three days later, Naranja had the position on the right in his Marshall Championship game, White against Alex Getz, and--let's let him tell it: "the earlier game with Berg must have sensitized my chess eye to the pattern, since, in my game with Getz, I saw it coming a mile away and deliberately played for the 'trap'." Well, Black clearly would love to advance on the Kingside--but what is Naranja baiting his hook for?

For the answers, check out the games:

We'll leave IM Naranja with the last words: "As for diagonals, I don't have the fine feeling for knights in the melee that for instance Jay Bonin has, so I rely mostly on the prelates to slide in on the bias. Sometimes chess can be FUN!"

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