Monday, May 11, 2009

Bonin, Berg Win May Open

IM Jay Bonin and NM George Berg, each scored 3.5 points in 4 rounds to win the May Open at the Marshall Chess Club on May 9-10. Each earned $154.50 for teh vistory.

Third was shared by three players, NM James West, Michael Ellenbogen and Evan Rabin each scored 3 points, worth $27.00 apiece. The Under 2200 Class Prize was shared by Ed Scher and Serge Adelson, scoring 3 points and winning $53.00 each. The Under 1700 Class Prize was shared by 3 players also, David Peter Antonucci, Jr., Alexander Reis, and Alan Zhang. They each scored 2 points and won $30.00. In all, 39 players participated in the event.

Click to show the crosstable

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