Monday, September 21, 2009

FIDE Thursdays, Round 2

The number of players swelled from 17 to 21 with the addition of Marc Widmaier (our 6th FIDE-rated player), William Dubinsky, Tony Gonzales and Fidel De Los Santos. In the battles among the 1-0 scorers, Treger fended off Brendel’s Sicilian Wing Gambit and Ray won a King and Pawn ending from Waxman in which both sides had doubled c pawns. Frumkin and Oliver ended as a mutually embarrassing draw. Hoffmann narrowly edged Dubinsky in a Knight and Pawn ending, Berg accepted Paul Doganges’ Blackmar Gambit and successfully retained the extra material while Widmaier beat Serge Adelson. Carlos beat De Los Santos, reversing an upset from two Thursday events ago, Scher beat Monaco and Polly Wright won an exchange from Paul Rachlin before giving it back and drawing. Tony Greco, Jeff Tannenbaum and Tony Gonzales took byes, so we had nine games this week. Top board for Round 3 should be Treger-Ray (Ray does have a prior win from Treger—I’m sure somebody was going to ask) and it will be interesting to see what the computer does with the five player 1½ group. I apologize for less opening and middlegame information than usual, but Sandra and I preferred to play skittles upstairs after our relatively short game. The prize fund will be raised now that we have exceeded 20 players and we could still use some more with FIDE ratings. With three place prizes, an under 2000 prize and only 5 players rated 2000 or higher, anybody could win this thing, even a late entrant.

Reported by Ed Frumkin

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