Monday, September 28, 2009

FIDE Thursdays Round 3

Holding at 21 players, the Treger-Ray battle on Board 1 literally went down to the last minute for Yefim and ended up in a drawn Queen and Pawns ending (next time, use a delay clock !!). Marc Widmaier played the thematic e6 pawn sacrifice to inflict an ugly position on top-ranked Asa Hoffmann, but somehow Asa escaped, consolidated and won. Berg-Frumkin slipped into a drawn Rook ending as Black squandered a promising middle game attack. Sandra Oliver’s From Gambit didn’t pan out, as after a Queen exchange she was down a piece for virtually no compensation to John Brendel, who duly delivered checkmate. Marian Waxman repeated the opening error of two weeks prior from Rachlin-Frumkin against Ed Scher and Ed pocketed the exchange, weathered a counterattack and simplified into a relatively easy win. The all Tony game of Gonzales-Greco was a very nice win by the former (after the loss or sacrifice of a pawn, Gonzales won an exchange and cut off Greco’s king with the extra Rook). Jeff Tannenbaum beat Paul Doganges, Serge Adelson beat Fidel De Los Santos and Jerry Monaco beat Polly Wright quickly enough for Polly to enter the G/30 with a bye and Jerry to play a filler game. Lawrence Carlos, William Dubinsky and Paul Rachlin took byes. So far only Ed Scher has a bye next week, so the top pairings appear to be Hoffmann-Treger and Ray-Berg, the first three with 2½-½ scores and the last as top-ranked 2-1.

Submitted by Ed Frumkin

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