Monday, August 25, 2008

Spectacular DeFrimian-Lapshun Game

Here's the DeFirmian-Lapshun game mentioned in the report on the August St. John's Masters'. Nick Conticello wrote: "Nick De Firmian and Yury Lapshun saw the first board unoccupied and sat down to play on the famous Capablanca table under the unblinking scrutiny of Frank Marshall's bust. Fittingly, the players followed the game Capablanca-Marshall, New York 1918, which introduced the Marshall Countergambit in the Ruy Lopez! De Firmian, White, varied from the Cuban's play with a now standard Bishop move, but Lapshun had a new idea of his own..."

I suppose someone will just have to write in and tell us what happens when you show the game to Herr Fritz. Or you could just play it over and enjoy it.

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