Monday, December 22, 2008

Busy Weekend

The Chess Center of New York ran a bunch of events on the weekend of December 20-21 at the Marshall:

On Saturday, the NY December Action was won by IM Alex Lenderman with 4 1/2 out of 5. Lenderman topped a field of 24 players, including 2 Grandmasters, by a full point. He took home $164 for the victory.

Second place was shared by GM Sergey Kudrin, GM Michael Rohde, NM Adam Maltese, FM Asa Hoffmann, and FM Erez Klein, all with with 3 1/2; all won $35.

Ben Gershenov won the Under-2200 prize of $68 with 3 points, and Jake Miller and Eve Litvak shared the Under-2000 prize ($28 each).

Steve Immitt directed; the full crosstable is on the USCF website.

Sunday saw Aleksandr Ostrovskiy win the 8th annual New York December Under 13 Open with a perfect 4-9 score. Justus Williams finished clear second, a half point behind. Three players scored 3-1; in tiebreak order: Alex Yung (third place), John Kern (fourth), and Anthony Cortese (fifth). Zhengjia Jiang took sixth and Oliver Neubauer seventh (both with 2 1/2), while Michael Wu (eighth), Justin Cooper (ninth), and Warren Wang (tenth) rounded out the prize list.

Meanwhile, in the December Under-13 Novice, Ella Papanek took first place with 4-0; Daniel Yedidia (second) and Verona Gowrie (third) scored 3-1; the 2 1/2-point scorers were Praveen Balakrishnan (4th), Thomas Benson (5th), Teseo Torras (6th), Liam Pharr (7th), Clara Neubauer (8th), and Clay Papanek (9th); Alexander Wright placed 10th with 2-2, and Cole Jacklin was the top Unrated player with 1 1/2.

Steve Immitt and Sophia Rohde directed the Under-13 events, and the complete crosstables are available from USCF.

Yashsavi Sharad topped a field of 12 in the Sunday Afternoon Under-1400 Action, scoring 4-0 and winning $60. Daniel Zhu and Moshe Fohrman scored 3-1 to splic second and third prizes, $28 each. Steve Immitt directed, and by now you can probably guess where the crosstable is.

We're not done yet! On Sunday evening, Bora Yagiz won the Sliding Scale Quad. His 2 1/2 poins were worth $64. Steve Immitt directed, and the crosstable etc. See what you miss if you go away for a few days?

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