Friday, December 12, 2008

Kacheishvili Wins "Four Rated Games Tonight"!

Surprisingly enough, GM Giorgi Kacheishvili won the Chess Center of New York's "Original Four Rated Games Tonight" on Thursday, December 11. He scored 3 1/2 points and earned $80.

Three players tied for second with 3-1: IM Jay Bonin and Yefim Treger split $40 each, while Natanael Moraes (rated 1970 on the wall chart) picked up $50 for the best score under 2200.

Moshe Uminer, Bora Yagiz, and Gabor Schnitzler split the Under-2000 prize, scoring 2-2 and taking home $15 each.

The complete results are available from the USCF website. Andre Harding directed a field of 17 players; no zombie re-entrants this week.

Holiday Spirit watch: only four draws in the tournament--one each round. Not bad!

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