Monday, December 8, 2008

Kacheishvili Wins "Four Rated Games Tonight"

This is our most frequently-repeated headline! On Thursday, December 4, GM Giorgi Kacheishvili scored a clean 4-0 to win the Chess Center of New York's "Original Four Rated Games Tonight". He picked up $130 for the victory.

Second place was a huge tie at 3-1: GM Maurice Ashley, IM Jay Bonin, NM Yefim Treger, FM Alec Getz, and FM Boris Privman all picked up $26, while NM Leif Pressman and Nitai Leve pulled down $41 in under-2200 money.

Moshe Uminer, Yefrem Zats, and Aaron Landesman split the Under-2000 prize, scoring 2-2 and taking home $24 each.

The complete results are available from the USCF website. Andre Harding directed a field of 27 players and a replicant Treger.

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