Monday, November 10, 2008

Marshall Amateur Team Championship

The big story at the Marshall Amateur Team Championship was the outstanding performance by young Alexis Paredes, who scored 4-0 including a big last-round upset of expert Shalv Khaburzania. Paraedes, a student at IS 318 in Brooklyn (in Elizabeth Vicary's program) won the prize for best performance on second board.

The tournament (held November 8-9) was a two-person team event, with each team having an average rating under 2200. Teams played two-board matches in each round. The prize for top team was carried off by "Board of Ed" (Ed Gaillard/Ed Frumkin) with three match wins and one tie. Gaillard won the first board prize with 3 1/2 points.

The second-place team was "Psychics" (Yevgeni Margulis/Shalv Khaburzania), with two wins and two ties (tying "Board of Ed" in round three and "?" in round 4).

The prize for top team rated under 1800 was split between "?" (Rochel Ballantyne/Alexis Paredes) and SICM (Jackson Hueckel/Edward McCormack). "?" (and where were the Mysterians, I wonder?) had one match win and three ties, while SICM scored two wins and one tie.

Twelve teams participated, four of them from IS 318 if I'm counting correctly. If you were in New York this weekend and didn't play, you missed out on a lot of fun.

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