Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Monday Under-1600 Ends In Tie

The Marshall Monday Night Under-1600 ended in multi-way ties for both first place and top under-1300. First place was a tie between Joseph Fortunato, Guy Rawlins and Tyson Francis Mao, each with a score of 4 Points in 5 Rounds, each winning $84.33. The Prize for the best score for those rated Under 1300 was a five way tie between Efrain Diaz, Werner Buhrer, Douglas Hare, Randy Dorleans, and Ean Fonseca, each with a score of 3 points, each winning $12.60.

The next Under-1600 starts Monday December 1. It's open to all players rated under 1600 or unrated; register by 6:45PM. One game is played every Monday at 7 PM at a time limit of 90 minutes sudden death.

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