Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Happy New Year" For Kacheishvili

GM Giorgi Kacheishvili won the "Happy New Year" Open on January 3-4 at the Marshall Chess Club. Kacheishvili scored a perfect 4-0 and took home $313. GM Leonid Yudasin and NM Yevgeni Margulis were a half-point behind, and their shared second/third prize was worth $118 each. Darrian Robinson picked up the $78 Under-2200 prize with 3 points, beating NM James West and NM George Berg along the way.

In the Under-2000 section David Collins and Gerald Towns shred first prize ($118 each) with 3 1/2 points, a full point ahead of tyeh rest of the field.

William Graif, Yuta Kakutani, Justus Williams, Ethan Segall, Kadhir Pillai, and Tyson Mao split the Under-1800 prize ($13 each) with 2 1/2.

The Open section had thirty-one players and three replicants re-entries. The Under-2000 section had 22 players and one re-entrant. Steve Immitt directed for the Chess Center of New York, and the full crosstables for both sections is on the USCF website.

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