Friday, January 2, 2009

Yudasin Wins Last Blunder Of 2008

On New Year's Eve, GM Leonid Yudasin won the Chess Center of New York's "Your Last Blunder of 2008" with a perect 4-0 score. Yudasin won $353; a half-point behind him were NM Adam Maltese and NM Vitaly Zaderman, who gained $185 each.

NM Leif Pressman, NM Yevgeni Margulis, and Raven Sturt shared the under-2200 prize ($43 each) with 3 points. Andrew Ryba and Aaron Landesman were the top players under 2000, scoring 2 1/2 points, worth $59; and Alexis Paredes, Kalyan Shatdarsanam, Yashsavi Sharad, and Carlos Ennis won the Under-1800 prize ($28 each) with 2 points.

Forty-seven players rang out the old under the direction of Steve Immitt. The crosstable is available on the USCF website.

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