Monday, January 12, 2009

Pillai Wins Winder Under-1800

Kadhir Pillai went 4-0 to win the Chess Center of New York's "Winter Under-1800" at the Marshall on Sunday January 11. Pillai won $100 for topping the 21-player field.

Polly Wright finished second a half-point behind Pillai, winning $66. Jackson Hueckel and Aaron Ross tied for third with 3-1, winning $17 each. The under-1600 prize was split by Amir Moazami and Dario Bonilla with 2 1/2, good for $31 each. Michael Wu and Theodore Coyne split the Under-1400 prize ($28 each) with 2 points.

Steve Immitt directed, and the crosstable is available on the USCF website.

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