Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rohde and Bonin Win New York February Action Grand Prix

GM Michael Rohde and IM Jay Bonin shared first and second place in the New York February Action Grand Prix on Staurday February 21. Each scored 4.5 points out of 5 rounds and collected $250 for the victory.

Six players finished tied for Third with 4-1 scores: GM Sergey Kudrin, IM Alex Lenderman, FM Alec Getz, and FM Boris Privman each won $29, while Aaron Landesman and Kevin Rosenberg won $113 each for the Under-2200 and Under-2000 class prizes.

Fifty-four (54!) players competed, directed by Steve Immitt of the Chess Center of New York. The complete crosstable is on the USCF website. Fifty-four!

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Polly said...

It was one of those rare tournaments where having an even score still put you in the back room upstairs. Usually when there is an over flow to upstairs, the back room has a few people with minus scores. After one round downstairs, I spent the rest of the tournament upstairs,