Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Smart Wins Under-13 Open

Thirty-three players competed in two sections of the New York February
Under 13 Open on Sunday, February 22.

In the Open section, Harrison Smart took first place on tiebreaks over Gordon Yang; both scored 3 1/2 out of 4. At 3-1, Zhengjia Jiang placed third on tiebreaks over Justus Williams. The 2 1/2-point scorers were Anthony Cortese (fifth), Leo Crossman (sixth), and John Kern (seventh), while 2-point scorers Robert Frants, Arjun Garg, and Isaac Barayev rounded out the top ten. Intermediate School 54 was the top team (Harrison Smart and Robert Frants).

In the Under-1000 section, Christopher Mercado topped teh field with 4-0, followed by Atash Nassiri at 3 1/2. Anthony Asseviro (third on tiebreaks) and Don-Jordan Laidlow (fourth) were the 3-1 scorers. Fifth place went to Praveen Balakrishnan with 2 1/2. Alexander Wright, Daniel Furman, Roman Pinto, Liam Pharr, and Ethan Matt completed the top ten; PS 166 (Mercado/Nassiri/Pinto) was the top team.

Steve Immitt directed for the Chess Center of New York. The full crosstable is available from the USCH website.

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