Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stripunsky Wins "Four Rated Games Tonight"

GM Alexander Stripunsky won the February 19th edition of the Chess Center of New York's long-running "Four Rated Games Tonight" G/30 event. Stripunsky went 4-0 to pick up the first prize of $169.

IM Jay Bonin and NM Oscar Maldonado were a half-point behind, sharing $85 each for second and third prizes. Nitai Leve, Ben Gershenov, Scot Mc Elheny, Michael Layevskiy, and Kevin Rosenberg all scored 3-1 and shared the Under-2200 and Under-2000 money ($41 each).

Forty--count 'em!--forty players competed under the direction of Steve Immitt. The full crosstable is available from the USCF.

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