Monday, September 29, 2008

Bodek Wins Indian Summer Under-1800

Michael Bodek won the New York Indian Summer Under-1800 on Sunday September 28. He scored 3 1/2 to take the $90 first prize in this 4-round G/50 event.

Tied for second with 3 points were Kenneth Cruz, Kadhir Pillai, and Max Steinberg, who won $30 apiece.

Tae Kim, rated only 1173 on the wallchart, took home the $57 Under-1600 prize with 2 1/2 points. Alexander Reis and Abraham Kunin split the Under-1400 money ($25 each) with 2.

Steve Immitt directed the 19-player Chess Center of New York event; the crosstable is available from the USCF website.


Polly said...

There's a slight typo. Tae Kim had 2 1/2 points, not 3 1/2. He had quite the tournament, and pulled very nice draw against me with a perpetual check that I could not avoid.

Ed said...

Oops! Thanks, Polly. Fixed now.