Friday, September 26, 2008

Stripunsky and Pressman Win "10 Grand Prix Points Tonight"

NM Leif Pressman turned in a remarkable performance to tie for first with GM Alex Stripunsky in September 25th's "10 Grand Prix Points Tonight" G/30 event. Pressman defeated IM Jay Bonin in the third round and GM Michael Rohde in the final round to go 4-0. Pressman and Stripunsky each won $155 for the victory.

Tied for third with 3 points were FM Asa Hoffmann, NM Oliver Chernin, Josue Castillo, Evan Rabin and Moshe Uminer. Hoffman and Chernin on $25 each; Castillo and Rabin picked up $53 each for the under-2200 prize, and Uminer gathered in the $95 under-2000 money.

Steve Immitt directed 33 players (or 34 entries, adding a bonus Kopiecki) for the Chess Center of New York. The complete results areavailable from the USCF website.

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