Friday, September 12, 2008

Rohde, Bonin Tie in "Four Rated Games Tonight"

GM Michael Rohde and IM Jay Bonin scored 3 1/2 points each to tie for first prize in the September 11 running of the Chess Center Of New York's famous "Four Rated Games Tonight" action event. They earned $65 apiece.

NMs Yefim Treger and Oliver Chernin tied for third prize with 3-1 scores, worth $13 each. Evan Rabin also scored 3, collecting the Under-2200 prize of $48. Moshe Uminer and Bora Yagiz split the Under-2000 money ($22 each) with 2-2 records.

18 players competed under the direction of Steve Immitt. The crosstable is available from the USCF website.

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