Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Games from the St. John's Masters

Steve Immitt was able to record a couple of the games of tournament victor GM Alex Stripunsky in the September 16 St. John's Masters, and you, dear readers, are the beneficiaries. Thanks, Steve!

Here's a crucial position for Stripunsky's third-round victory against GM Sergey Kudrin:

Kudrin-Stripunsky after 37. Bxa5

Alex lowers the boom

Stripunsky's last-round game against GM Leonid Yudasin seems to have been anything but a Grandmaster draw, as they discussed the extremely sharp Najdorf Poisoned Pawn:

Stripunsky-Yudasin after 16...h4

still theory

The above is the last position in my database, but maybe you can tell me how deep into theory they actually went.

Here's the games in a pop-up javascript viewer.

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