Thursday, September 11, 2008

Treger, Aregbeyen, Molina Win Wednesday Under-2000

Anatoly Treger and Aigboje Aregbeyen made a peaceful last-round draw and were joined at the top of the Marshall's Wednesday Night Under-2000 Swiss by Turpana Molina, who scored a 782 point upset victory. Molina came into the tournament with a rating of just 923--that's not a typo--but won four games against players more than 700 points higher rated, losing only to Aregbeyen in round 4.

Click to show the final standings

The next Wednesday Under-2000 starts next week (September 17). It's one game a week at 30 moves in 90 minutes followed by one hour sudden death. The tournament is open to all rated under 2000. Rounds start at 7 PM; please arrive a little early to register.

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