Monday, September 1, 2008


The August 31 Sunday Action was a triumph for Yevgeniy Margulis. The veteran master easily won his first four games and drew comfortably with Expert Robert Cousins to capture the first prize of $110, a point ahead of a strong field.

Margulis benefited from the poor starts of two higher-rated rivals. IM-elect Marc Tyler Arnold drew with fellow juniors Raven Sturt and Harry Wheeler in the second and third rounds and, seemingly disenchanted with his form, withdrew. FM Asa Hoffmann fared even worse, scoring a fortunate win against Nelson Farber at the start, then drawing with Wheeler and losing to Sturt! But Hoffmann recovered to win his last two games and divide the remaining prizes with Cousins, Sturt and Farber. The fearsome foursome took home $55 apiece for their 3.5 scores.

22 entries did battle the day before Labor Day. The next Sunday Action will not take place until November 2.

(report by Nick Conticello
Chief TD, Marshall Chess Club)

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